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Rabbit Adoption Application

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  3. Rabbit outside
  4. Fill out this application if there is an animal you are interested in. Filling out an application does not mean the application is approved, it is a starting place. We provide adoption counseling to make the best possible placement. Come into the shelter and we can help you find a great pet based on the needs of both your family and the animal. Your request may be denied.

  5. Family Information

  6. Housing*
  7. Housing Type*
  8. Is your landlord informed that you may be adopting a rabbit?
  9. Is everyone in favor of adopting a rabbit?*
  10. What is your household activity level?*
  11. Age / Sex / Breed / Altered
  12. Be specific.
  13. Living Arrangements

  14. Will the rabbit be:*
  15. Other Information

  16. Have you ever owned a rabbit before?*
  17. What happened to the rabbit?*
  18. I certify under penalty of perjury, that I am at least 18 years of age and that all above information is correct and current.*
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