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Posted on: April 5, 2022

Help prevent human-coyote conflicts.

Help prevent human-coyote conflicts

Coyote pups are born in California between March and May and live in this area year-round. Thanks to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for these tips on preventing coyotes from visiting your yard:

  •  Do not leave pets outside unattended.
  •  Do not leave pet food outside.
  •  Keep garbage in a secure container and only put it outside on the morning of pickup.
  •  Do not put any meat scraps in compost heaps.
  •  Pick up fallen fruit from underneath trees.
  •  Cut back brush around your property that might provide cover for coyotes or their prey.

A coyote that is near people that is simply present and otherwise avoiding people is rarely a threat. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends:

  •  Make yourself as large as possible. Stand up straight and wave your arms over your head.
  •  Make loud noises. Scream, yell or whistle.
  •  Be forceful and direct your voice at the coyote.
  •  Be animated.
  •  Throw rocks, sticks, anything you can pick up. This is meant to scare, not harm.
  •  Take steps toward the coyote. Be aggressive.
  •  Always look directly at the coyote. Never turn your back to it or run away.
  •  When walking, carry an item like a stick, golf club, water gun or air horn.

More information

Submit a Wildlife Incident Report

If you see an injured, orphaned, or sick coyote please call our Animal Services department at 510-790-6635 

If you see a coyote acting aggressively toward people, witness or experience a human attack or bite, call 911

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