COVID-19 Closure

Important Notice Regarding Temporary Closure of the Public Lobby

In an effort to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), City of Fremont facilities, including the public lobby of the Tri-City Animal Shelter, will be closed until further notice.

Fremont Animal Services officers will continue to respond to emergency calls for service including dangerous dogs, sick or injured animals, removal of dead animals, and animal cruelty investigations.

Pet owners considering surrendering their pets should delay doing so, if possible. If this is not possible, please call our shelter number below for direction. If at all possible, we are trying to preserve the human-animal bond.

The shelter will be scheduling appointments for essential service only Tuesday-Friday from 2-4pm and Saturday 11-1pm. Examples of essential services include redeeming a lost pet, turning in a stray dog and turning in a stray sick or injured animal. The shelter is not accepting healthy stray cats at this time.

If you find a stray pet, please try to locate an owner prior to turning it into the shelter. If you have found a stray pet but wish to hold onto the animal, Fremont City Ordinance requires that the finder notify the animal shelter within eight hours. For ideas on reuniting lost pets with their owner please visit

If you have lost your pet, please look online for the animals in our care: If your pet appears to be in our care, please contact us at the information below. During this unprecedented time, as animals are impounded, we will make every effort to additionally post the animals on our Facebook page in order to help reunite them with their owner expeditiously.

Licensing can be completed online or by mail; no licensing can be processed in-person at this time. For more information please visit If you have questions about licensing, please call the licensing line at 510-790-6644.

Shelter staff are continuing to provide excellent care to animals in the shelter. The shelter uses a hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the shelter.

The City of Fremont is aware that the reduction of hours at the Tri-City Animal Shelter will disrupt normal adoption and pet redemption services. We are committed to ensuring that lost pets are quickly reunited with their families, and that homeless animals continue to have the opportunity for adoption when we reopen. We are managing our animal population closely. Fortunately, the animal population is low right now and we have the space to accommodate this plan.

This is a good time to remind you to have an emergency plan for your pet(s). Please make sure you pet’s microchip is updated and/or that your pet is wearing an identification tag at all times.

Our contact information is as follows: