Limits on Animal Ownership

Animal Permit Fees

Duration Permit Fee Senior Citizen Fee
1 Year $122 $20
2 Years $153 $40
3 Years $184 $60

The Difference Between a Permit and a License

All cats and dogs in Fremont require a license. Permits are for owners that have more animals than allowed with just a license. Permits also cover animals such as goats, small animals, chickens, and other birds.

Dog and cat rubbing their heads together while sitting on a grass lawn

Limits for Dogs and Cats

A pet owner may keep up to two dogs, or four cats. If you have both cats and dogs, you can have up to two dogs and three cats. You must get a permit for more animals. ( Fremont Municipal Code 6.10.010)

Limits for Small Animals

A pet owner may keep up to 6 small animals. Some examples include birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, reptiles, and amphibians. Small animals must be under 50 pounds and be legal to keep in California. You may not keep any more than 6 small animals. (Fremont Municipal Code 6.10.020)


Livestock Limits

No livestock such as cows, pigs, llamas, ducks or geese are allowed to be kept on residential properties. (Fremont Municipal Code 6.10.030)

Chicken standing on a grass lawn

Limits for Chickens, Rabbits, Pigeons & Doves

On residential properties with an area of more than 6000 square feet, a pet owner may keep a total of six: chickens, rabbits, pigeons, and doves, without a permit. More animals require a permit.  On real property zoned residential with an area of less than 6,000 square feet, a pet owner may not keep chickens and may only keep a maximum of two rabbits, pigeons or doves.

A maximum of two species of those animals allowed under this section may be kept on one lot. (Fremont Municipal Code 6.10.040)

Lot Size

You can often find your lot size by checking a real estate app and looking up your address.

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